• Company Brand Management

    We do digital differently

  • Our Philosophy

    Business First, Technology Second


    In today's digital economy, there is no question the necessity to having an online presence through digital media. While many agencies may focus on driving up views, impressions and engagements at whatever measures necessary, we believe in taking a more strategic approach. Instead of going wide and shallow, we believe in going narrow and deep. We start by analyzing your business, understanding your mission and goals and then delivering a targeted approach towards acquiring new customers, retaining existing and growing revenue. It's that simple.

  • So Why Digital Media Management


    89% of messages to brands are ignored

    7 out of 10

    70% of people in the US have at least one social profile

    2 Hours

    The Average American spends approximately 2 hours on digital media per day

    1.37 Billion

    There is 1.37 Billion active users who visit Facebook alone per day

  • Why Tenor


    More for less

    We're a lean mean marketing machine. As a small startup, we offer all the expertise of the big agencies at the price of a concierge service.


    Time back in your day

    Having someone manage your digital presence frees you and your team up to focus on the core areas of your business.


    Enhanced visibility into your business

    By allowing us to specialize in this part of your business, we are able to take the time to gather data and ultimately translate it so you can gain valuable insights into your customers and what drives engagement.


    Partner dedicated in growing your business

    We are focussed on goals and not activities. We aim to be a partner in your business. We want to understand your goals and initiatives and use this as the basis for all strategic decisions in digital.

  • How It Works



    We sit down either virtually or in person to learn more about your goals and initiatives.



    We will gather the data, perform market research and make our assessment.



    Finally, we will present our recommendations and next steps if you determine us a fit.

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